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Guided Walks into San Francisco Local History

We offer Fun and Uniquely Informative Local History Walking Tours to the public in San Francisco and the Bay Area, with more California locations planned. For most of our tours, you walk
only Downhill or on Level Ground!

  • Noah Purifoy Outdoor Desert Art Museum, Joshua Tree, CA

Read Public Tours and browse Calendar to find each tour’s Description and key tour information. When ready, call Suede Shirt at (951) 667-7589 to reserve your spot in one of our public tours!

We also offer two kinds of private Local History Walking Tours. Reserve one of our public tours as
a private event for your group. Or request a custom tour that we conduct using your group’s bus, van, or limo.

  • Lyon Street stairs, San Francisco

Read Private Tours, then submit your request for Suede Shirt to conduct a private tour of California local history for your group.

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